CloudMir Ventures Private Limited, incorporated in 2019 as a diversified products company, has its roots traced back to 2005 where it began manufacturing business under the brand name House of Uniforms®.


Home Divisions
House of Uniforms®

Was established in January 2005 as a CMT(Cut, Make and Trim) uniform manufacturing business.

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GioMacs Shipping Services

Formed with an aim to become a worldwide provider of global logistics and supply chain solutions.

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GioMacs Institute For Shipping & Logistics

Formed for delivering world-class training in the shipping industry

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Qube Craft

Specializes in innovative housing and commercial structures converted from Shipping containers.

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General Trading

Operate in a broad array of industries, including health care, domestic and industrial electric cables, metals, energy, machinery, food, chemicals, and real estate.

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Backend Support

Adding to our operations with pleasure announcing commencement of Backend Support for shipping/Logistics companies..

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GioCloud is the IT division of CloudMir Ventures Pvt.Ltd., based in the state capital of Kerala , Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) Since 2019.

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